What’s Wrong With 1080 Fox Bait?

As hen rescuers and carers it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of our feathered friends.  It is heart breaking to hear that some of our adoption applicants kill foxes or condone the use of baits. Foxes are just trying to survive. They were introduced into  Australia by humans who wanted to hunt them for sport. They didn’t ask to be here. Saying that, we must take every precaution to protect our girls from predators. Check out our advice on predator proofing here.

The most common method of killing foxes in Australia is 1080 bait. This bait is banned in all but 6 countries as it is so dangerous to all animals including humans.  Death by 1080 bait is slow and painful. For more information, please visit the FAQ Page from the Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison.

What you can do

Download and read this fact sheet about 1080 Fox Baiting.

Print out double sided copies on A4 and distribute it to your local community. It is perfect for a letter box drop. It is important that people are aware of the need to protect their companion animals from the bait as well as raising awareness about the torture and killing of our beautiful foxes and native wildlife.