Even if you have cared for chickens before it is important to do your research before adopting ex-battery hens. Their needs are slightly different from other hens and by learning as much as you can you can ensure their life outside the factory farm is as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Click the images below to read up on caring for hens.

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Hen Care Resources

Caring for Ex-battery Hens

Even if you have cared for hens before there are a few things you need to be aware of when you bring your ex-factory farm hens home. Read our essential guide on everything you need to know.

What You Will Need

Our handy, easy to read yet comprehensive guide on everything you will need to make your hens happy, healthy and safe in their new home.

Predator Protection for Hens

1 bale of straw provides comfy bedding to hens who have spent their whole lives standing on wire. As soon as they feel the straw on their feet the rescued hens will often start natural nesting behaviours and make happy trilling sounds. ​

11 Ways to Keep Hens Safe in a Heatwave

Sweetcorn is the hens favourite treat. Even the shy ones will zoom from one side of the garden to the next if you’ve cracked open a can of corn for them!

Bushfire Evacuation With Hens

Our essential guide to ensuring you and your hens stay safe during bushfire season.

Finding a Good Vet for Your Chickens

Chickens are very good at hiding their symptoms, so having an excellent vet lined up for your chickens is essential. By the time hens are showing symptoms of illness the disease is usually fairly advanced and needs immediate attention.

Avian/Chicken Vets in NSW and ACT

Our list of recommended Avian vets in NSW and ACT – gathered from our own experiences as well as those of our volunteers and adopters.

Sick Hen? Spot the Symptoms of ill Health

As a way to protect themselves from predators chickens hide their symptoms of ill health until the very last minute, so it is really important to keep a look out for symptoms. Read our guide!

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