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We rescue abused hens from factory farms in Australia shining a light on the hidden suffering and educating people on the lives of these remarkable animals. Join us and help us create a better world for hens, roosters and other animals. Find out more

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    All of our hens receive the best care after their rescue - here is our resident Frida having a check-up!


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We rescue hens & raise awareness of their suffering

Our rescue team saved these battery hens from a life of misery.

The ‘rippers’ (workers who select the hens) rip them from the cages often breaking the hen’s bones in the process. We found some hens who had been dropped and had fallen beneath the cages. They were there for days without food or water.

One hen was so dehydrated on return to her new home at the rescue centre that she stood in the water bowl and drank and drank and drank.  

We named her Nahla, which means ‘drink of water’.Join us today to help hens like Nahla

Join us today to help hens like Nahla.

Join us today to help hens like Nahla

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Saving one hen might not change the world, but it will change the world for that one hen.