Since our beginning in 2010, NSW Hen Rescue has liberated thousands of hens and other factory farmed animals from places of abuse and exploitation. We have shared the stories of those individual animals to help people connect with them and see that like dogs and cats, they deserve our respect and compassion. Hen Rescue is run by a small, but dedicated group of vegan, animal activists. We do not want bigger cages, we want empty cages. A world where every slaughterhouse is a sanctuary.

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Why caged hens?

Whilst we rescue many kinds of animals, our focus is on caged hens. Caged hens lead a life where they are unable to stretch their wings, find a quiet place to lay an egg or feel the sunlight on their feathers. They have been standing on wire for up to 2 years, unable to scratch at the grass or to perch. Weaker hens who want to hide from their bossy companions have nowhere to go. They may try to scramble underneath other hens, but will not be able to get away.

What about free-range farms?

Intensive barn hens and free range operations are not much better. The hens are usually crammed together so tightly the shed resembles a cage. The hens are hugely stressed and suffer in a similar way to their battery hen sisters. They are debeaked as chicks just like the battery hens and will be sent to slaughter when their egg production slows.

Our Sanctuaries

Our small sanctuary in Berrima serves as our Hen Haven where the higher needs hens (or hens we have bonded with) have a permanent home. Our amazing volunteer foster carer Charlize runs a hen rescue micro sanctuary in Kurrajong where she takes care of very high needs hens permanently. Ana (also a director) cares for another of our higher needs flock in Port Macquarie.  Due to lack of space and resources we can only rescue and rehome on a small scale, but we know that every hen is an individual who values her life and every single life is worth saving. We rehome the hens into loving, forever homes where they will be given wonderful quality of life with people who #lovehensnoteggs.

Our Founder

Catherine Kelaher is a vegan animal activist and children’s book author who has dedicated her life to liberating caged hens.

She has published two books, Amanda the Teen Activist and Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide which you can purchase from Amazon. 100% of the proceeds from each book goes straight back to the hens.

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