First off, how brilliant that you are considering adopting some ex-factory farmed hens. Whether free range, barn or caged all hens are sent to slaughter at 18 months old. You can step in and save the lives of some girls who would otherwise never experience safety, freedom and love.

Have a read of our guide to caring for rescued hens. Feel free to print it off if you like. It’s what we provide to all our adopters. Then take a look at the list below and see where your nearest hen rescue is. If you can provide the love and care the girls need, you will be on your way to saving some girls before you know it. And if you’re rural, how about adopting a rooster? The sanctuaries are bursting with these poor, unwanted boys.

Okay, here’s the great, big hen adoption list. If you know of anymore liberators or hen rehoming centres, anywhere in the world please contact me so I can add them to the list:


Eek! We only have listings in NSW, VIC, WA and QLD. If you know of hen rehoming centres in other states or territories please contact us.


NSW Hen Rescue – Yay! It’s us and you’re already on our page. We’re based in Berrima in the Southern Highlands. If we don’t have any girls for adoption right now have a look at the organisations below.

Let the Ladies Go. Based in Mandalong on the Central Coast, but with foster carers dotted around NSW: or call Tania on 0415258915 

Who Gives a Cluck. Based in Mullumbimby. Contact or call 0428 335 766

Stevie’s Place. Based in in Forster. Affiliated with Let the Ladies Go:

Feathers & Fur Small Animal Rescue and Bird Sanctuary, Cessnock: 0404 827 293


The Battery Hen Adoption ProjectHomes for Hens. Based in Brisbane. Monique started before us and was kind enough to give us advice when were getting started. or email

Red’s Rescues. Based in Brisbane.

Brisbane Hen Rescue: 0418 755 496

Happily Heifer After. Based on the Sunshine Coast:

Til The Cows Come Home. Based in QLD but does rehoming Australia wide. Rescues and rehomes calves from the dairy industry but also saves ex-farmed hens. 1800 281 647

Emma’s Chooks:

Rooster Rescue and Rehoming North Queensland:


Souls and Stars Sanctuary. Based in Toodyay but rehoming across WA. 0468 444 404 Works on hen rescues in conjuction with…

Hills Hen Rescue and Rehome: 0403 815 496

Battery Angels Chicken Rescue Group, Mundijong:


Melbourne Chicken Rescue:

Edgar’s Mission:

Dreamer’s Hen Rescue:

Stronghearts Farm Sanctuary:

Rooster Warriors Rehoming Victoria:


Admittedly, this section is very incomplete right now. Please do contact us if you know of more hen rehoming centres around the world.



Rooster rescue and rehoming:


Free At Last – Battery Hen Rescue Group. Based in Bedforshire but people share hens that need homes in all areas of the UK.

Huntingdon Fresh Start For Hens:

Lucky Hens, Wigan: