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If you are thinking of rescuing factory farmed hens then you need to download this How to Care for Rescued Hen ebook.  It gives you all the info you need to save yourself the learning curve of caring for ex-battery hens.

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Adapted from the NSW Hen Rescue Adoption pack, this How to Care for Rescued Hens printable PDF will give you all the info you need to give your rescued hens a safe, happy life. Written by the founder of NSW Hen Rescue, Catherine Kelaher, this booklet will save you the learning curve that Catherine went through. 

Download along with the Companion Chicken Log Book to ensure you give your hens the very best of care. 

CURRENT CONTENTS: (Author and founder of NSW Hen Rescue Catherine will be adding new topics to this booklet over time and we will post notices of updates on social media and our blog.)

  1. What You Will Need & Things to Consider Before Adopting
  2. Save Yourself The Learning Curve – Things I wish I had known
  3. Feeding Chickens
  4. Predator Proofing Coops & Enclosures
  5. Respectful Language & Naming Chickens
  6. Introducing New Chickens to the Rest of Your Flock
  7. Egg Issues & Implants
  8. The Health of Your Newly Liberated Chickens
  9. Behaviour to Expect
  10. Spotting Symptoms
  11. Common Ailments
  12. Finding a Good Vet for Chickens
  13. How to Keep Chickens Safe in the Heat
  14. Keeping Chickens Warm in Winter
  15. Bushfire Evacuation

Currently 40 A4 pages, but much more to be added.  

COMING SOON (and included in download)…

  1. Broiler chicken care
  2. Rooster care and rehoming
  3. Bathing a hen when necessary
  4. How to  give meds (with photos)
  5. How to avoid extra flies, rodents and pigeons
  6. Bonding with chickens
  7. Chickens in the house
  8. Chicken first aid kit
  9. History of the hen rescue –  My story
  10. Pet sitters
  11. How to liberate/rescue
  12. How to safely find good homes
  13. Broody hens
  14. Emergency rescue kit
  15. Keeping Your Chickens Entertained

If you would like more topics to be added to the How to Care for Rescued Hens Booklet please contact us with your suggestions. 

Note: Digital download only. No physical print items will be mailed. Download will be available immediately after purchase.  Pages are not interactive or editable and are intended to be printed and filled out by hand. Printables are for personal use only. Digital download does not constitute a transfer of rights. May not be shared, resold, or used for commercial purposes