Kourtney the curious hen says “Hello!”

How to Make Kind Choices Every Day

Rescuing and rehoming battery hens doesn’t do much to change the world. Sure, it’s absolutely wonderful for those individual hens – it’s life-changing! However, there is so much more we can do to help and advocating kindness to animals is a huge part of our mission. We owe it to the hens to tell you how it is.

Raise awareness ~ let’s ruffle some feathers!

Click on the links below to discover all sorts of interesting stuff on living kind and please check back regularly as we will be updating this page often.

The Truth About Eggs

Or why I don’t buy “free range”, “barn” or “cage” eggs.

Think you can’t live without eggs? Check out these awesome alternatives!

1080 Fox Baiting Cruelty

1080 bait is dangerous for both humans, hens and native wildlife. The use of 1080 bait is banned in all but 6 countries – learn more about fox baiting here.

School Hatching Projects

Are they all they’re cracked up to be? Find out why we don’t support school hatching projects here!


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