Leave a bequest in your will

Our vision is a world where no animal is exploited and we will do whatever we can to make that vision a reality.

One of the most powerful ways that you can help NSW Hen Rescue is to include us in your will. As someone who cares about animals and wants the world to be a kinder place, this is your chance to help us to liberate more individuals and allow us to tell their stories long after you have gone.

How will your bequest be used?

NSW Hen Rescue is entirely volunteer run. This means that every single cent donated to our organisation goes straight to the hens and other animals – whether that be vet bills, food, straw or even petrol to transport hens we have liberated or to rehome them. It is thanks to your gift that we will be able to save more factory farmed animals – and in your memory, share their stories.

Our biggest expense are vet bills. We aim to provide the individuals we rescue with all the care they need to ensure a beautiful, pain-free life. We require funds to purchase and/or build chicken coops and enclosures to provide protection for more hens. Feed, straw and treats – sweetcorn and green – are the creature comforts these hens deserve and need. The chance to liberate and care for other animals who have been exploited by the food industries.

Want to know what we would do with larger bequests? Please contact us to have a chat with Catherine (founder of NSW Hen Rescue).

How to make a Bequest to NSW Hen Rescue

When making a gift in your will it is important to discuss your decision with your family to ensure your final wishes are carried out. It is also important to use the correct legal terminology. Please use the wording below to assist you.

Bequest wording:

I give, devise and bequeath to NSW Hen Rescue ABN 48 548 965 358 of 10 Varna Street, Mount Colah NSW 2079, free of all duties and taxes:

1. The whole of my Estate; OR
2. ………% of my Estate; OR
3. The residue of my Estate; OR
4. ………% of the residue of my Estate; OR
5. The sum of $………; OR
6. The units/shares in ………. Trust/Ltd.; OR
7. The property situated at [insert street addressing] having the title reference.

I direct that an authorised receipt from NSW Hen Rescue will be a sufficient discharge for the executor(s) or trustee.

By the Wills Act, all Wills and Codicils must be in writing, signed by the Testator, and attested by two witnesses in the presence of the Testator and of each other.

NSW Hen Rescue recommends you seek professional advice or the assistance of a solicitor when preparing your will.

Thank you for considering the ultimate expression of compassion for animals.