Vegan Interior Design


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From our very own foster carer, Aline Durr, comes this informative guide on how to implement a healthy, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle in homes, offices or any other interior  space – at no extra cost and with no compromises in quality – whether the reader is actually vegan or not.

Do you know if the production of your wall paint caused pain to animals? Do you know that the leather on your couch may not actually come from cows but cats or dogs? Do you know that your fluffy down pillow is actually posing a health risk to you? Do you know why towels are not vegan? The book provides answers to all of
the above questions and many more.

‘PETA congratulates Aline Dürr on her cutting-edge book. By showcasing stylish, comfortable, and practical vegan homeware and decorating solutions, this guide will help spare terrified animals abuse for their fur, wool, skin, or feathers,’ says PETA.

Senior Outreach and Partnerships Manager Emily Rice. ‘We can all rid our homes of items whose production harms the planet and its animal inhabitants, so we urge everyone to create a kind home adorned with vegan decor – from cruelty-free paints to feather-free pillows.’


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