Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide


Do you want to help animals but are not sure how? Or maybe you are already helping animals and want to do more. Whether you’re seven years old or seventeen, Saving Animals: A Future Activist’s Guide — a lively, interactive, hands-on guide to animal and environmental activism for young people of all ages — will show you how.

This timely book covers all aspects of animal protection — from pets to farm animals to wildlife — as well as how to make the world a better place for animals through vegan outreach, animal advocacy, and volunteerism. Whatever your personality, skill set, or age, you’ll find something in this book to inspire you.

In addition to information on why animal protection is vital for all living beings as well as our planet, this book is filled with the interviews and stories of more than two dozen young activists, ranging in age from seven to twenty-two, all of whom are doing amazing things to help create a kinder world. You’ll learn how fun and easy it is to be vegan, discover what kinds of outreach will best fit your style, and find hope for a better future.

“We may be young, but we’re also powerful. People will see us speaking up for animals and will realize that they, too, can make positive changes. Our voices will be heard.” —Emma Black (14), Wollongong, Australia

Catherine’s profits from this book will go to support the hen rescue so you will be helping liberate animals from cages and also helping to create a kinder world through the effective activism you’ll learn about in the book. If you enjoy the book and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads (or wherever you bought the book), let me know and I’ll send you the enamel pin below as a thank you.

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Published by the fabulous Ashland Creek Press

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  1. nswhenrescue

    Kirkus Reviews –
    Activist Kelaher rallies supporters for two crusades: rescuing farmed or lab animals and refusing to eat them or use their products.

    The Aussie founder of NSW Hen Rescue dishes up a spicy mix of interviews and advocacy to promote the idea that switching to a vegan diet and vigorously opposing any sort of animal use go hand in hoof (paw, fin, claw). Her main ingredients are short Q&A exchanges with budding animal activists around the world but mostly in Australia and the U.S. They are all vegans and mostly teenagers—though some are far younger—who speak about both their favored methods of raising awareness and specific areas of concern, ranging from livestock abuse and slaughter to plastic pollutants, cruelty in the pet industry, wildlife rescue, and classroom dissections. One interesting section presents veganism through the lens of intersectionality. Along with breezy reassurances that any dish can be reinvented as vegan and introductions to some of her own feathered rescuees, Kelaher folds in checklists, a sample press release, and other useful tools. If some suggested activities skate legality’s ragged edge (slapping protest stickers on grocery store shelves or items), at least they’re nonviolent and generally feasible for younger audiences. The few photos that aren’t portraits of interviewees or healthy-looking rescued chickens are at worst only mildly disturbing. The tone overall is friendly, chatty, and highly engaging.

    Helpful and inspirational.

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