“Amanda The Teen Activist” Book


Fiction for animal lovers by the founder of NSW Hen Rescue. 

The story of Amanda the teen activist –

When Amanda Cotter is dragged to Australia, away from her best friend and her dog, she thinks things can’t get much worse. Well, that’s until she finds herself hiding in a caged egg farm after her first day at Woollybutt High. As she looks into the eyes of a trapped hen, Amanda realises that if she gets out of here, nothing will be the same again. Will she be able to prove to her dad that one 13-year-old activist really can make a difference or will her efforts get herself and the hens in more trouble than ever before?

Paperback book – 235 pages. Perfect for 8-12 age range, but compassionate kids, adults and teens should all get a kick out of Amanda’s adventures.

Buying this book helps NSW Hen Rescue rescue and rehabilitate more hens.
Please email admin@henrescue.com to enquire about wholesale orders.

If you would like the ebook version of Amanda the Teen Activist or if you are an international supporter you may prefer to buy it via Amazon where the book is available as paperback and ebook.



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