Thank you for looking at our Wishlist! Here you can see various items that you can buy directly for the sanctuary by clicking on the images or links below. Please send all items to the following address:
Suite 27 / Shop 1, 599-601 Pacific Highway
Mount Colah, 2079 NSW

For the Hens

Layers’ mash

One 20kg bag of layers’ mash provides enough to feed 20 ex-battery hens for a week. It is important for us to feed high quality layers mash as the hens are usually very low on calcium and other essential nutrients when they come out of the cage. They have also been painfully debeaked which means we need to choose a feed that is easy for them to eat.

Seed mix

Some of the hens prefer a complete scratch mix to layer’s mash. Seed mix gives the hens some variety in their diet. It includes shell grit, pellets and seeds which provide tasty oils and nutrients for the hens too.

Bedding straw

1 bale of straw provides comfy bedding to hens who have spent their whole lives standing on wire. As soon as they feel the straw on their feet the rescued hens will often start natural nesting behaviours and make happy trilling sounds. ​

Sweetcorn No Added Salt – a favourite treat

Sweetcorn is the hens favourite treat. Even the shy ones will zoom from one side of the garden to the next if you’ve cracked open a can of corn for them!

Rosemary and mint plants

Herbal and organic methods of keeping rats away from the chickens!

Coop cups / bird feeders

We need coop cups to provide feed and water to our special needs hens but also for the smaller feathered residents like our quails (Pepper, Hercules and Fiona), as well as our parrot Rafael.

Pet carrier

These are essential to the operation of the Hen Rescue – we are always in need of carriers to conduct rescues, transport hens to the vets or their new homes and large carriers act as safe spaces where our special-needs girls can sleep.

Memory Foam Bath Mat

Our lovely special-needs hen Lentil (who only has one leg!) likes to have a memory foam bathmat to rest on when it’s cold or when it rains. She needs additional support for the rest of her body and these are her favourite! Ariel also finds these mats comfy to sleep on as do the guinea pigs.

Equipment for our Rescue Team

Thermal Imaging Scope

A thermal imaging scope is a necessary piece of equipment for the rescue team to safely and efficiently rescue as many hens as possible in the dark.

Secondhand Van

We are in desperate need for our own transport van! Hen Rescue relies on volunteers who own or can borrow cars large enough to transport hens either from rescue or to the vets or their new homes. Having our own van would enable us to go out and do not only more, but bigger rescues and give us the mobility to transport hens for longer distances.

For the Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Oaten Hay

We feed our bunnies and guinea pigs this oaten hay in addition to pellet and greens. This hay is high fibre and low in calcium, unlike other kinds of hay (e.g., lucerne) which are high calcium hay. Too much calcium can lead to kidney and urinary issues for both guinea pigs and rabbits.

Guinea pig food

One 6kg bag of food can feed our 5 resident guinea pigs for 2 months. Vetfarm is a good quality feed that is nutritionally balanced to suit the needs of our guinea pigs – this feed includes added Vitamin C which is needed in their diet.

Rabbit food

One 6kg bag of food can feed our 3 beautiful rabbits for 2 months. This particular feed is high quality and nutritionally balanced to suit the needs of our rabbits.

Hay hut

Hay huts provide the rabbits with a delicious treat to nibble on and something to play with throughout the day. Billy bunny adores munching on these in particular!

Cat tunnel for guinea pigs

Guinea pigs love exploring and hiding in these tunnels. They are curious explorers and adore playing in cat tunnels.

Greens – 4 leaf salad

A favourite snack for our rabbit and guinea pigs, but also for the hens and quails. A staple in their diet!

Tufted rug

The best place for our rabbits to relax and have a snooze are these tufted rugs! After spending the first part of his life standing on wire in a meat-farm, we’d like to keep our resident rabbit Clover as comfortable as possible.

Veterinary Supplies

Meloxicam Foal Strength

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory drug for our hens

Tramadol Tablets 20mg

Pain relief for our hens

Amoxyclav Antibiotic – Broad Spectrum

We use this antibiotic for all kinds of infections, but especially when our girls have reproductive infections related to egg laying.

Doxycycline (Doxylin) Antibiotic Tablets 50mg

This antibiotic is commonly used when the girls have respiratory infections. Sadly respiratory infections are common when hens come out of battery cages.

Suprelorin Implant (Anti-Egg Implant)

The anti-egg implant is a lifesaver for many of our hens who have egg-laying issues. This is the greatest gift we can give them – the gift of not laying eggs (and never being exploited for their egg-laying capacities ever again).

Calicivirus Vaccine (Cylap Rabbit Vaccine)

Absolutely essential for our buns and any other rabbits we rescue

Syringes – 1mL

We use syringes to give medications to sick and injured animals, but also to syringe feed food and water when hens are in critical care. We have linked 1 syringe, but ideally we would want a box.

Help the humans clean up after the animals!

There is always a pile of laundry and cleaning that needs to be done at Hen Rescue Headquarters. Our special needs girls sleep in pet carriers lined with soft towels and yoga mats each night as the usual straw would irritate their faces due to disability. Part of the animal care involves daily cleaning of the Hen Rescue residence: for both humans and animals!

Multi-purpose cleaner

For all our cleaning needs – whether it be towels, feeders or even the human house!

Pet stain remover

To remove stains from towels and mats that the animals use so they have fresh and clean bedding

Scourers for bowls

For scrubbing coop cups and other animal food bowls

Dishbrush to clean animal bowls

For cleaning coop cups and other animal food bowls

Bosisto’s Sensitive Laundry Powder

To remove some of the more pungent poop smells and stains from towels and other laundry items used by the animals

We accept petrol/fuel vouchers too – they help us transport rescue hens to and from the vets and rehome them once they have been adopted.

Every little bit helps. Donate today.