Amanda the Teen Activist

Amanda the Teen Activist is a fictional story, yet draws greatly from the author’s own experiences of running a hen rescue and the many feathered friends she has met along the way. When Amanda Cotter is dragged to Australia, away from her best friend and her dog, she thinks things can’t get much worse. Well, that’s until she finds herself hiding in a caged egg farm after her first day at Woollybutt High. As she looks into the eyes of a trapped hen, Amanda realises that if she gets out of here, nothing will be the same again. Will she be able to prove to her dad that one 13-year-old activist really can make a difference or will her efforts get herself and the hens in more trouble than ever before?

Paperback book – 235 pages. Perfect for 8-13 age range, but compassionate kids, adults and teens should all get a kick out of Amanda’s adventures.

I loved this book. It is all about animal cruelty and a girl called Amanda saving lots of little chickens. I think everyone should definitely buy and read this book because it’s the best book I’ve ever read. So far.

8 year old Amber

Even as a grown up, I was inspired by Amanda and learned a lot from her story. It was equal parts funny and moving, and I hope to see more of Amanda saving the world, one chicken at a time!

Kelly Dudziak

I couldn’t put it down. A truly great read about friendship, loss, passion, compassion and about doing something right even though it might be scary.

Kay Liptrott

Hi, I’m Catherine Kelaher and I am the founder of NSW Hen Rescue. When I’m not saving animals I like to write and to share the knowledge of what I have learned so far. You can learn about my books on this page and if you want to buy them, not only will you have a fun read, but you will also be supporting the hen rescue.