We have BIG EXCITING PLANS for the end of 2019!

Wilma and Eleanor after rescue from battery cages

There has been a lot of work going on in the background of NSW Hen Rescue throughout this month as we work to build on our aim to LIBERATE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE.


Our most recent rescue saw 26 hens liberated from a life in the battery cage. All 26 hens had seen their friends taken to slaughter, but despite this trauma, within a couple of days they gained confidence and became some of the friendliest hens we’ve ever rescued. It was an absolute joy to sit with the hens and have them come and hop on our knees and watch others take their very first dust baths. One of the hens, Eleanor (above right), was so broken from her time in the cage, she could not even walk. With vet care and pain relief as well as lots of love and care from her carer, Eleanor is now thriving with her friend Wilma (above left) from the same rescue.


Whilst we aim to rehabilitate and rehome many of the hens we liberate, some of the animals are destined to stay part of our hen rescue family forever. Recently we have welcomed Mr Sophie, Jen and Astrid who were suffering severe eye and sinus infections after being abandoned by a tenant of a farm where hundreds of dead hens were discovered. All 3 chickens are recovering well and whilst Mr Sophie has moved in with a loving family, Jen and Astrid have become part of our forever flock.

We have also welcomed Pepper the quail who was found stray and has quickly bonded with our special needs hen, Maddie. Plus we have three new guinea pig herd members Firefly, Foxy and Malu who are all enjoying themselves in our new multi species enclosure built by volunteers from Sydney Boys High.


For those of you who haven’t visited our website for a while you may want to take a look as we work on our ‘re-launch’ of the site. There are quite a few new changes including a ‘Did you know’ section with 6 little known facts about our beautiful feathered friends and coming up will be a ‘How you can help’ section. You will also notice many more photos of our hen rescue family. Stay tuned for more exciting changes to come!


Our volunteers have been brainstorming some amazing fundraising ideas including a HenDurance Race, Chicks Night In and WAIT FOR IT a Masquerade Ball! We are needing contacts within the community that may be able to help with the planning and running of these events so if you have any ideas please get in touch with us.


In our goal to educate the community and create a better world for hens we have plans to open an Education Centre to allow for the liberation of more hens and as a possible working space for running workshops. We are also considering reaching out to local schools, community and youth centres in order to inspire future generations to end the exploitation of chickens.


NSW Hen Rescue founder, Catherine Kelaher, has launched a brand new podcast called The Cluck.

Listeners will be treated to short and fun chats about all things animal rescue and animal rights. Plus if you listen you’ll the first to get the latest scoop from the hen rescue coop. You can listen to the podcast on all podcatchers including Spotify and itunes.

So all in all, there’s a lot to look forward to! If you want to follow the everyday stories of our gorgeous rescued animals please follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter where you can get all the latest hen rescue news.and stories.

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