Hatching Projects

At this time of year we are inundated with messages from people desperate for help rehoming chickens from hatching projects. The male Easter chicks have just started to crow and since roosters are not allowed in suburbia that causes huge problems for the adopters, for the kids who have bonded with them and for the roosters who are bonded with their hen siblings. It is a recipe for broken hearts and dangerous lessons. Some people give up and dump the roosters in the bush or take them to be killed at the vets or RSPCA.

Many people don’t know that hatching projects directly support factory farming as the fertilised eggs come from commercial facilities.

It breaks my heart every time we have to say no to taking in these gorgeous boys. I know the farm sanctuaries feel the same way.

Check out our info on hatching projects here: https://henrescue.org/live-kind/hatching-projects/ and share with your friends and family.

If your school or aged care facility is thinking of running a project, please print off this PDF and show the decision maker why the project is not as innocent as it first appears. Once they know all the facts, they may well decide not to go ahead. We have some great ideas for alternative lessons on the fact sheet.

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