1000 Hens Saved by NSW Hen Rescue!

We have Saved 1000 Hens!

I am very excited to tell you that NSW Hen Rescue have now saved more than 1000 hens (1003 to be precise). Even though we have limited resources, with the help of our supporters we have managed to free 1003 hens from the horror of factory farms and rehome them to loving, forever homes. In there new homes they have been free to lay out in the sun, take dust baths, run, flap their wings and scratch in the dirt. Never again will they see a factory farm or the inside of a slaughter house.

Even though 1000 hens may not be many compared to the millions that are suffering at this very moment, it is important to remember that every hen we have saved is an individual and to her, her life is everything. Of course that doesn’t mean we should forget all the hens still suffering on farms. We can help those hens by being vegan. It is easy, healthy and the right thing to do by the animals and the earth.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us save these girls. Thank you to the people who have donated, our regular supporters, everyone who has rehomed hens Thank you to those who have raised funds and volunteered. We appreciate every one of you and we could not do this without you.

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