Sunshine, Freedom and Fresh Air for Rescued Hens

Do you take sunshine, freedom and fresh air for granted? I know I do, but I also know someone who doesn’t and that is LouLou in the photo above. She has spent the 18 months of her life so far inside a barren battery cage – until today when she was rescued.

Whether in a cage or packed into a barn, factory farmed hens will never see the sun in their lives. Even on the day of slaughter they are often ripped out of their cages at night, so panicked and broken that they cannot even take in what is around them.

So imagine the feeling of the lucky few rescued hens when they first feel the sun on their feathers, see the sky and breathe the fresh air. I remember when my friend (and the treasurer of NSW Hen Rescue) Sharron and I rescued our first 6 battery hens and saw them stretch out their necks into the sunshine and tilt their head to look at the sky above. One girl Lizzie kept flicking out her tongue at the tiny particles of dust caught in the light.

When we did our first big hen rescue of 350 battery hens we got worried when we saw the hens fall onto their sides with wings outstretched and feathers ruffled. We thought they were dying! They must have all contracted some horrible disease! On closer inspection we realised that they were sunbathing in total and utter bliss.

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